Little Reunion with Miss Ginny

2003. I work at an internet cafe owned by P.T. Telkom in Ende. Every day, with a very slow dial up connection, I meet customers. The one that has made the biggest impression on my life is Miss Ginny. Miss Ginny, a teacher from Australia who once taught at SMP Negeri 2 Ende. Her signature used to be a wide straw hat (yes, that hat was given to me as a souvenir and has passed through time), and her sweet smile.

Then Miss Ginny returned to Australia. We are still in touch via e-mail. In fact, in one blog post (December 10, 2003) I wrote (something like this):

Last Saturday Miss Ginny had to return to Australia because her term of office in Indonesia had finished. Sad. Miss Ginny asked on her e-mail, "Have you worn the hat I gave you?" Of course, Miss. The bracelet that Miss Ginny gave to Achy was also worn. We hope Miss Ginny reaches her destination safely and happy to be reunited with her family in Australia. I still remember Miss Ginny's eyes filling with tears when we shook hands and hug each other.

Our friendly relationship continues through social media such as Facebook and chatting via Messenger. Miss Ginny even sent me Manggarai's ikat weaving but I couldn't receive it because the taxes were too high. I don't know where the package is now.

2024. Today we meet again after 21 years! Can you imagine? 21 years old, cross countries, and meet again in our beloved Ende City. Miss Ginny, a vegetarian, ordered a special menu for her at Warung Abah Turi near Senggol Market. Her friend, from New Zealand, and Buya enjoyed soto and satay. Meanwhile, I stick with #MenuDietBetes. Many stories flow, memories from the past, my diet menu, and even work. With my English that is not so good, I try to communicate well.

Unexpectedly, Miss Ginny gave souvenirs Koala dolls and Nutworks Macadamias from Gourmet. Ah, I was touched, because I didn't bring anything for her myself.

Thank you Miss Ginny for our very memorable little reunion. Thank you for treating Buya (my husband) to lunch at Warung Abah Turi. Thank you for on your fascinating journey you still remember and still want to meet me. I pray that God will still give us time to meet again on another occasion.

And most importantly, thank you for being my best friend for these 21 years, and beyond.


Tuteh, or what you still call Tuti. Haha.

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